Hi and welcome. I’m Angelina aka Angie for short. I am one half of a duo team that includes my other half, “E” (aka the hubs). We got married several years ago and have been adding chapters to our story ever since. Our latest adventure includes settling in as Los Angeles transplants from the east coast and well…something a bit more exciting: starting a family. After two long years of being in the process of adopting our little boy from Korea, we finally became a forever family on February 1st, 2017.

Both the hubs and I are of Korean descent and adopting from there was really important to us. In reality, adoption still comes with some stigmas within the Korean culture and that is a big reason why we have decided to be open with our journey. When we started our adoption process, we did not have anyone personally to ask real, hard questions to beyond our agencies. Add to that, cultural opinions…and that can lead to a lot of confusion within a life-changing moment of your life. That is something I wish to change with this blog. I hope our story could shed some light and give a first hand perspective about adoption, motherhood, and other topics from an ‘average’ family’s point of view. Like anyone else, we had many fears about starting this process but we got through it and cannot be happier that we did. I would like to point out that I am not by any means a professional in this subject, but the experiences we share are our own, personal ones.

As a first time mom to our toddler boy, Luca…our lives are about to be changed forever. The real journey is only beginning and I hope we can share some fun times, happy moments, real conversations and friendships here. Thanks for stopping by.


Angie aka Luca’s mommy:)

*PS: That’s a picture of Bear & Bunny above. We took this picture before we sent our son his first care package over a year ago. Bear was sent to him while Bunny stayed with us. They are now reunited and living happily with Luca-bear in his toddler bed!