so…can i?


selfie time with my favorite little man

I’ve mentioned in my old blog about my journey as a Christian, but for those who aren’t familiar, I’ll share it briefly here. I call myself a ‘closet-Christian’ because I always had a relationship with God but depending on when you met me, you may never have known. I have a hard time showing or speaking about faith publicly, especially as I’ve gotten older. To be really honest, I’m still very intimidated when it comes to my faith. But during our adoption journey, my personal relationship with God became too evident for me to ignore, so I challenged myself to start sharing pieces of my walk with Christ more outwardly. Writing is probably the safest form for me since I’m still uncomfortable sharing out loud, but I’ve been feeling compelled to push myself out of my comfort zone lately.

I’ve had deep conversations with different mommy friends about how motherhood changes things (both good and bad). But something that a lot of moms don’t do as often is share their stories with other moms. It’s so important and has been a God-send for me to have supportive mommy friends help me navigate this new chapter of my life. Throughout my paper-pregnancy and now during motherhood, sharing struggles and victories with others kept a level of sanity for me. But one of the most beautiful and powerful things that anyone has done during these times was asking if they could pray for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I still feel really uncomfortable when this happens but whether you are religious or not…I think anyone can appreciate the heart behind someone wanting to pray over you. Motherhood is no joke people. It can somehow be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you with a side of ‘what am I doing?’ as an a la carte. And I think it is within these two extremes that we as moms start to feel overwhelmed, insecure, and just worn down.


a rough night usually means piggy back rides

And so with that said, I’ve decided to personally challenge myself with reaching out to other moms and doing something that is not natural to me: pray. Prayer for me is VERY challenging. I can pray by myself without a problem when it’s in my own head but if I pray for others or out loud, I somehow lose my ability to sound like an adult human being:/ I get really tongue-tied, start thinking too much and usually end up convincing myself ‘well, God knows what I’m trying to say’ and stopping in my tracks. But like anything else in life, practice makes perfect right?

So…I’ve been wanting to ask some moms a personal question. What I’m trying to say is: can I pray for you? *skkkkrrrrrrrtttt*

I know…awkward. Trust me I know. However, this has been sitting on my heart for quite sometime now. I am hoping to start a little writing series to meet/interview different moms to share their stories with me and my five readers (I have more than five readers, right guys?). In all seriousness though, I want to challenge moms willing to share their vulnerabilities and in turn, I will share mine and will focus on praying for you that particular week. So be ready mamas! I’m coming for you (or contact me please!). The community of motherhood shouldn’t be walked alone and the power of prayer shouldn’t be overlooked either. Let’s do this together mamas. Because believe it or not, we have a lot more in common than society likes us to believe sometimes. XO!

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