It’s been a while since I’ve written. Life has been…well, quite different to say the least. We are getting to know Luca more and more each day and vice-versa. Somedays it seems like we’ve known him forever, and then there will be moments when we realize we have so much more to learn than we could’ve ever imagined. All in all, it’s been a beautiful journey these past few months of getting to know each other.


We often joke that Luca eats like a Korean grandpa: always eating rice and even kimchi these days, while not really liking too many sweets besides the occasional ice-cream. But recently we’ve come to learn that he really LOVES donuts. And when I say love, I mean L-O-V-E. This was actually a bit random, as the hubs nor I really go out of our way to eat donuts. So when Luca asked for a donut (or excuse me, I mean “doo-nah-shee”) specifically, it was a little surprising but I didn’t think too much of it. I ended up taking him to a Dunkin Donuts, which he recognized before I even parked. Korea has a lot more Dunkin Donuts than Southern California does so again, didn’t think anything of it and we went inside. I watched him devour an entire donut like nobody’s business and it was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen. I couldn’t help but laugh as he was singing and getting sugar all over himself and having the time of his life. Pure happiness for sure.

Fast forward to almost two weeks later. I was running some errands and while driving I suddenly hear Luca yell, “ooh! doo-nah-shee! doo-nah-shee!”. I look around and sure enough there was a Krispie Kreme across the way. Now, like I mentioned before…Dunkin Donuts are very abundant in Korea but Krispie Kremes aren’t as much. I did see one or two while I was there though so I knew they existed but still, I was shocked he recognized it. I turned to Luca and said “donut? where?” and he said “yes” and pointed to the Krispie Kreme. So…we made a detour and ended up going on an unexpected, little donut date.

Once we went inside, we watched them make donuts from their window display, placed an order for Luca’s sugar donut and even got him a nifty hat. Then we sat down at the table and I watched as he would take a bite of his donut, place it down, kick his feet and hum some random tunes between bites. But this time I wanted to know more about his love for donuts and how he recognized this place and so…we had a little heart to heart conversation.

Me: Luca…do you know what this store is called?

Luca: Hmm…’doo-nah-shee’.

Me: Yes, it’s a donut store but it’s called Krispie Kreme. Have you been here before? (obviously not this exact store)

Luca: Yes.

Me: In Korea?

Luca: Yes.

Me: Oh I see. With who?

Luca: Korea Grandma.

Korea Grandma. Also known as Luca’s foster mom. He proceeded to tell me that he would eat donuts with ‘Korea Grandma’ and how he missed her. We talked about her a lot during our mini-date session, while also talking about trains and dinosaurs in between of course. I mean…I was trying to keep the conversation light while he was just being a two year old, so it worked out for both of us.


Two months we’ve been together while he was with his foster mom for over two years. I wonder all the time what his life was like and how he lived during that time, so when there are moments like these that pop up out of nowhere…I am so grateful. It feels like a tiny time capsule I can take back into his little life. I imagine Luca and his foster mom going on their little date to Krispie Kreme and eating together and her smiling at him, just as I did while watching him eat his favorite thing in the world: a donut.

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