cause and effect.

Tomorrow will be exactly 4 weeks since I’ve been in Korea. Whenever I visit, the time usually goes by pretty quickly so I didn’t think I’d have a difficult time waiting for our final custody. But what I didn’t account for is that the power of the unknown can cause a lot more stress than one wants it to (the ‘unknown’ being when we will be able to get custody and finally go home). And so, yep I ended up letting it get to me and got a stomach ulcer. I’m doing so much better now so no need to worry to anyone back home but figured it was time to write an update.

Aside from the wait and being sick…things have been good. I’ve been able to see family members, old friends and new friends during my stay. And the coffee shops here are abundant and incredibly beautiful which is obviously a great thing in my book. Koreans LOVE their coffee. Almost every single time I’ve met up with someone for lunch or dinner, we pretty much end up going to a cute coffee place around the corner and spend another hour or so just talking. However as fun as this is, the combination of all this coffee and stress of the adoption has been the perfect storm for my stomach to go psychotic on me.

My cousin took me to the doctors where they recommended an endoscopy (putting a camera down my throat to look at my esophagus and stomach). I’m not going to lie, I was definitely scared but agreed it should be done as long as they could knock me out cold. They did and then…it was all but a distant dream! I woke up, laid down in the recovery room for ten minutes and was out within just a couple of hours. Fortunately I didn’t have anything more serious going on and was prescribed stronger meds. Oh and no coffee, grrr! As for the insane part? Well, the entire thing cost me less than $150 including my prescription meds and they even apologized for the price since I couldn’t use insurance. Seriously, this would have cost so much more even with insurance back home so in a way I’m glad I was able to get everything taken care of and over with here. Also glad all of this happened before custody. I couldn’t imagine going through this if Luca was with me at the time.

Speaking of Luca:) We received news that we got preliminary approval as of 1/5/2017. One more thing we can check off our list. The next thing we need will be final approval, which will give us a better idea of when we can finally go home. I’m still hoping to be home by the end of January but realistically, early February may be something I can’t rule out. Of all things, the lunar new year is causing another issue because offices will be closed from January 27th-31st which is right around the time we were hoping to get custody and Luca’s visa. But it is what it is and I know Luca is being well loved as we continue on this journey. If you have an extra breath to spare, please say a prayer for our little family, including Luca’s foster mom during this wait. I know the unknown must be taking a toll on her as well considering she has been caring for our son for almost his entire life.

Thank you everyone for your continuous texts, emails and messages throughout this entire trip. It really does take a village and we are so incredibly blessed to know some of the best people ever. XO!

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