2017 & the unknown.

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great start to your 2017. As most of you know, I’m here in Korea awaiting final approval aka custody for our son’s adoption. Typically, most families take two trips at this time (one for court and the other for custody) but the hubs and I decided I should stay here in Korea and make it one, long trip instead. Since arriving here in mid December, we were able to finally meet our son for the first time. He is two and a half now and such a big, fun boy. It was bitter-sweet seeing how big he got because he was 10months old when we first started this process. But at the same time, knowing he has been growing well and being loved by his foster family the entire time has been a huge thing we are very grateful for.


(at the agency) Luca took a picture in this exact jeep in the first update we ever got of him.

A lot of people are asking us when we will be bringing Luca home. The honest answer is that we do not know. If all goes well, we are still hoping for mid to end of January for custody but even that is up in the air. All we can do is hope for the best like we have been doing this entire time and just trust in God’s timing for everything to orchestrate accordingly. But man has it been tough. Especially since the hubs left last week to go back to the states, the reality of this long wait has only been getting harder and harder. We’ve been so thankful for family and friends here in Korea as well, but that question of ‘why is it taking so long?’ can pay a toll after being asked so many times over and over again. I’d really like to know the answer as well. After the law changed for Korean adoptions about 5 yrs ago, making it more difficult to adopt overseas…I seriously have to wonder how it has benefitted anyone. I have many opinions about it while also having absolute empathy for the Korean-adoptees who fought to have this law changed but at the same time I do not think the amendment was carefully thought through. But I’ll save that for another post in the future. (*sidenote: I have heard that the adoption process is currently moving along a lot faster than our timeline these days, which is very encouraging).


Waiting to be called in for our court appearance.

Right now, my focus is bringing our son home. At this point there is nothing left for us to do but wait. We attended the allowed upon meetings with our son and had our interview with the judge at court. Oh, and can I tell you…E was so nervous at court that he started swinging in his chair the entire time without even realizing it! My eyes had lasers coming out of them staring at him to stop but he was clueless! Not sure how the judge took it (hopefully she realized it was nerves!) but we had quite the laugh after we walked out of there.

2017 we have so many questions for you but overall what we have most is hope. Let’s all not forget the power of hope, not just in the new year but throughout the rest of it also. Hope is what keeps us going through this thing called life and it is exactly what is needed for us during this continuous wait. Godspeed for 2017 and cheers to a healthy and happy new year to you all.

2 thoughts on “2017 & the unknown.

  1. You are already such amazingly patient and loving parents. Luca is so blessed. ❤️ Praying he is home with you and E for Valentine’s Day… nothing better than two Valentines! ❤ stay strong and warm.


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